Where Are We?

45 miles from
Natchez Trace Parkway
223 miles from
Mobile, AL
60 miles from
Tuscaloosa, AL
293 miles from
New Orleans, LA
63 miles from
Tupelo, MS
295 miles from
Little Rock, AR
120 miles from
Birmingham, AL
306 miles from
Nashville, TN
146 miles from
Jackson, MS
347 miles from
Baton Rouge, LA
162 miles from
Memphis, TN

Shuttle Service Information

Friendly City Express is an affordable stress-free ride to your destination, offering a variety of amenities. Take a look below for shuttle service information and schedules between Columbus, Mississippi and surrounding cities.

Columbus-Memphis INT Airport: One Way $45  Round Trip $70. Book now.
CAFB-Memphis INT: One Way $40  Round Trip $65. Book now.
Memphis INT-Columbus: One Way $45  Round Trip $70. Book now.
Memphis-CAFB: One Way $40  Round Trip $65. Book now.
Columbus-Birmingham: One Way $40  Round Trip $65. Book now.
Birmingham-Columbus: One Way $40  Round Trip $65. Book now.